Building & Construction

The Condensation Resistance Factor (CRF) Tool--produced by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association--is an effective tool that helps Building & Construction Adhesives and Sealants Professionals by providing general guidance on suggesting a minimum CRF based on a project-specific set of environmental conditions.

Paper Board & Packaging

These calculators--courtesy of Nordson Corporation--are effective tools that help Adhesives and Sealants Professionals, specifically those in the Paper Board & Packaging market segment, in their daily efforts:

Adhesive Bead Savings Calculator

A tool to help plant managers, production managers or purchasing managers who want to control the decreasing availability and increasing cost of adhesives. Calculate your current weekly adhesive cost and compare it to savings you can achieve by optimizing adhesive beads.

Adhesive Use Calculator

Do you know how much adhesive it really takes to create effective bonds on your products? Calculate overall adhesive usage for each product each shift and day to track and manage adhesive use and minimize waste.

Packaging Cost Calculator

While tape sealing may initially appear to be less expensive, hidden long-term costs can quickly erode any perceived savings. Sealing cases with hot melt adhesives improves their structural integrity, preserves package appearance and provides tamper evidence all while saving you money. Find out just how much you can save.

Adhesive & Substrate Savings Calculator

Plant and production managers can use this tool to estimate how much adhesive cost they can save, as well as potential reduction of substrate thickness due to reduced adhesive add-on.

Elastic Adhesive Cost Calculator

Precise adhesive application on elastic strands results in a better product, lower adhesive use and reduced maintenance. This calculator helps estimate potential savings realized by consistent, accurate adhesive application.

Web Coating Calculator

Consistent, precise adhesive application allows reduction of adhesive add-on in web coating applications. This tool calculates the cost savings possible with stringent adhesive control, and also the potential reduction of substrate thickness attainable with lower add-on weights.