Bonding Questionnaire

The ASC Bonding Questionnaire is an online tool that is used to capture the project requirements of the end user. The tool asks the user a handful of technical questions.  Upon submission of the form, ASC receives a copy of the form data and redistributes the data to the appropriate segment of ASC membership for a response. This tool is a great way to reach ASC members and get professional assistance with your bonding challenge.

Please enter your Company Name
Please enter your name
Please enter your email address
Please enter your phone number
Please enter your mailing address
Provide dimensions, colors, function, any special features. Attach a sketch/drawing if available
Application Type

It is a

Be as specific as possible
Be as specific as possible
Materials are

Design joint is

Is the assembly currently designed for adhesive use?

What process will be used to apply the adhesive or sealant?

Adhesive/sealant can be cured by

Please enter a value for the field. If applicable, describe the preferred application method.
The product will be

Is the product already being made?

Be as specific as possible?
Please enter a value for the field service temp range (deg F or C)
Temperatures are

Must resist

Please enter a value for the field. Must comply with these standards (e.g. UL, US FDA).
The bondline is

Does the adhesive have to be stronger than substrate?

Is disassembly expected?

Is there a specific strength requirement?

If known, estimate amount required (weight or volume of adhesive or sealant per unit of time, e.g. pounds/month)
If known, specify number of units expected to be produced per period of time (e.g units per month, per year)
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