World Adhesive & Sealant Conference 2012: WACKER presents Hybrid Polymers for High-Strength Structural Adhesives and Novel VAE Dispersions for Difficult-To-Bond Surfaces in Paper and Packaging Applications

Posted on 9/26/2012 12:29:23 PM By WACKER Press Release

Wacker has just debuted their GENIOSIL® XB line of adhesives. GENIOSIL® XB adhesives are high-strength structural products that make use of silane cross-linking to give user-friendly qualities. These hybrid polymers have low viscosity and do not require solvents, primers, or tin catalysts. Since they do not require tin, these adhesives are compatible with ester-based additives and may have increased shelf-life. In addition, their viscosity makes them particularly easy to use. When curing, the silyl groups in the adhesives form a 3-dimensional network. That network gives the cured adhesive exceptional strength, and depending on the formulation, the potential for hardness in the high Shore-D range. GENIOSIL® XB formulations can achieve strengths of 15 N/mm2. This line is also suitable for formulating waterproof wood adhesives in durability classes D1 through D4.  GENIOSIL® XB adhesives quickly develop strength and can bond to wood, metal glass, and ceramics.