Why Data Sheets Should Only be a Starting Point for Adhesives & Sealants Development

Posted on 10/28/2020 9:14:56 AM By

Sometimes data sheets are just not enough, and the process involve in designing, developing and processing new adhesives could easily be one of those times. According to adhesive and sealant supplier Intertronics, data sheets are not the be all and end all when it comes to developing new adhesives or sealants. Instead they would be better applied as a starting point for new developments, or as a candidate list from which design engineers can select the most likely adhesives for further testing or adaptation.

According to the company, in a world where change is constant, and dragging the need for new solutions and methods along with it, the data sheet outlining the properties of an adhesive, such as its rigidity or elasticity, how hard or soft it is, and how much force or stretch is needed before it breaks, may be relevant to its current function and based on laboratory testing done on its performance in one particular application.

This means that information is not necessarily available about whether factors like the pot life; the cited intensity of the UV curing lamp; curing times; and performance, will apply when used in a different situation. On the flip side, if data sheets don’t include certain substrates as being a perfect match, it may not mean that they aren’t. They may simply not have been tested because they were not part of the original picture.