Wearable Adhesive Tape for Extended Wear Adhesion of Medical Devices

Posted on 10/17/2018 7:46:20 AM By ASC

3M has added a second wearable adhesive tape for use with medical devices to its product range. The new nonwoven, water-resistant adhesive tape can stretch in any direction, is breathable, and has a wear time of up to 14 days. The company says that the new tape was developed based on client requirements for an adhesivethat would reduce costs and increase patient comfort by allowing medical devices to be worn for longer. According to 3M, the longest wear for medical tapes of this kind up till now has been around ten days.

Thanks to its new tape, 3M hopes to help its partners and their patients by reducing the number of times medical devices must be removed and reapplied every year. The company is also satisfied that the tape can be peeled off without damaging skin.

3M says that it plans to further extend its range of adhesive tapes for use with medical devices until it is able to offer a “family” of tapes with different properties that will suit a variety of medical device requirements.

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