Waterproof Technology Adds Extra Versatility to Self-Adhesive Wine Label Paper

Posted on 12/22/2020 2:23:48 PM By Label & Narrow Web

Arconvert-Ritrama has added new tech to its Wine Lovers Collection of top-end embossed self-adhesive wine bottle labels to add versatility as well as provide resistance to the damage labels can sustain as a result of temperature changes.

To protect the integrity and opacity of the high-performing and sophisticated self-adhesive labels when wine bottles are moved between the different cold, wet or humid environments created by chilling fridges, ice-buckets and delivery to the table for consumption, the company has included waterproof X-Dry technology. The company reports that this tech is combined with a permanent acrylic adhesive in the paper mix of the textured Ipanema White Embossed self adhesive paper on which the labels are printed, in order to form a non-rigid barrier paper to protect the label when it is exposed to condensation or humidity.

According to Arconvert-Ritrama, the new paper mix, while initially aimed at protecting wine and spirits labels because of the environmental changes they are exposed to, is suitable for use on other high-performing labels for premium products.