Washington HVAC Company Uses Innovative Sealing Product

Posted on 4/20/2012 10:02:48 AM By Lindsey O'Brien

Leaky air duct systems can be surprisingly costly. Typical systems lose up to 40 percent of heating and cooling energy, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). But Entek, a southwest Washington state heating and cooling contractor, is starting to seal ducts with a new adhesive product that the DOE lauds as "revolutionary." The product - Aeroseal - is an adhesive mist sprayed into pressurized duct systems that can seal thousands of gaps and cracks in just a few hours. With growing incentives for energy-efficient upgrades and stricter building codes that require duct sealing in new construction, Entek decided about two months ago that it was time to invest in the equipment and purchase the product. "This idea is 10 times better and more complete than anything you could do in the old days when you would do all of the sealing manually," said Dennis Yalch, residential consultant for Entek. To apply Aeroseal, technicians fog the duct system with a vaporized adhesive, essentially sealing the series of pipes from the inside, rather than painting on sealant from the outside. The technicians monitor the sealing progress via a laptop throughout the process. So far, use of Aeroseal has led to a reduction in leakage from 40 percent down to 5 percent or better, according to Entek President Allan Shero.

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