WackerChemie A.G. Expands Moscow Technical Center

Posted on 4/25/2018 11:51:24 AM By ASC

Wacker ChemieA.G has inaugurated a new laboratory at its Moscow technical center. The facility will be dedicated to the development and testing of silane-terminated polyether-based adhesives and sealants. The company says that its choice of Moscow as host-city for the new laboratory is based on the Russian market’s potential and a growing demand for adhesives from the construction industry.

Wacker hopes to develop and test products that will be formulated using locally produced fillers and additives. The facility can prepare sealants and adhesives of various viscosities and thixotropy, and adhesion, tensile strength, shore hardness, and shear strength can then be testedin the same laboratory. The company says that its testing procedures will be aligned with internationally accepted standards.

Finally, the existing labs on the site have achieved Russian Federal Service accreditation allowing them to issue quality certificates to Wracker product users. This form of materials certification is increasingly a requirement in construction projects.