Vinyl Flooring: Glue, No Glue, How to Bond and Secure Correctly

Posted on 8/11/2021 8:01:58 AM By ASC

Glue down vinyl flooring is entirely what it’s name suggests, as this member of the luxury vinyl range of flooring differs from other vinyl flooring in the way it is installed. Installation of this type of luxury vinyl puts full reliance on adhesives for bonding and creating a seal with the subfloor in order to ensure it secures the vinyl in its place.

This form of application, usually carried out by a professional, involves no underlay as the vinyl is bonded directly to the subfloor, provided that subfloor is flat and has been cleared of any dust or debris, and the environment inspected for moisture and temperature, all of which might affect the bond. The Glue down enhances durability, making it more suitable for commercial spaces and homes for high traffic areas.

Other methods of vinyl installation include click systems for rigid core vinyl, and loose lays. The click system does not use adhesives, and is more suitable for DIY installation, This method of installation allows the vinyl flooring to float on top of the underlay once the two have been joined together. This method is considered to be slightly less durable than the glue vinyl, but its durability is still sufficient when used to install rigid core vinyl. It also makes replacing damaged boards easier.

Loose lay, a method sometimes favored by DIY home-owners, does sometimes have to enlist the assistance of the glue down adhesive approach, if the sheet vinyl  that’s being installed exceeds m2.