Vertical Wall Market Opportunities

Posted on 1/28/2020 9:56:56 AM By Paul Bertram

ASC introduced their Growth Program research towards the end of 2019 in a report
titled, ASC Grow the Vertical North American Building and Construction Research Study with a subtitle of: ‘Voice of the Customer’ Research and is available for purchase at the embedded link.

The report is focuses on Adhesive and Sealant market opportunities in roofing, vertical wall, interior finishes and below grade water proofing.

In my December 2019 Blog Observations from Greenbuild 2019, I indicated my next blog topic would be on about Vertical Wall market opportunities.  I am approaching this from the perspective of this report.

Let’s start with good news that the report indicates a stable US and Canadian market despite trade related macroeconomic risks. The prediction is that growth in the Building & Construction markets will stay in-line with GDP expectations with possible modest growth.

To begin, the first challenge from the manufacturing perspective is s knowing your customers and their needs. Vertical wall customer segments include distributors for trades and DIY markets, installing contractors, architects/specifiers, building and homeowners. Each has specific information needs. Price and availability are always at the top of the list but proven functional performance with case studies, code and standards compliance, sustainability, environmental impacts, embodied energy, resilience, durability, 3 Part CSI specifications, technical data sheets, installation instructions, SDS (Safety Data Sheets) manufacturer’s warrantees.

Specific markets identified in the report included:

EFFS, Fluid applied systems, precast walls and building envelope sealing, fenestration, SIPs, and curtain walls.

One of the recommendations was to make sure manufacturers are diligent about communicating their latest product change/improvements/standards updates through representatives and marketing with the help of trade associations for maximum coverage, develop guides or best practices.

Opportunities for Vertical Wall adhesives and sealants markets are being supported by high performance energy efficient, low carbon building criteria through the AABA (Air Barrier Association of America)with Master Specifications, Installer Certification and Quality Assurance Programs. RCI (Roofing Consultants Institute) recently became the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC) and includes vertical walls as well as roofs. The IIBEC and AABA are in alignment with the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) that has created the curriculum for the certifications of the IIBEC. Additionally, NIBS includes BETEC (the Building Enclosure Technology and Environmental Council) to encourage optimum energy use of buildings through building science of the complex building component and their interaction.

The Building Enclosure Council is also under the NIBS domain and features 32 BEC chapters of Building Enclosure Specialists promote the exchange of information and encourage discussion on matters concerning building enclosures and related science such as the benefits sealants and adhesives.


Part of the Building Enclosure building science is testing. There are many standards related to Adhesives and Sealants required to be complaint. Testing as related to these standards is typically specific to the individual component/product. However, Enclosure Commissioning with AABA standards is driving field testing such as functional mockups and quadrant testing.

I am an advocate of systems testing where the entire exterior enclosure including WRC, exterior cladding, fenestration, any penetrations, is tested as an assembly in a laboratory environment. This is most beneficial on scalable/repeatable designs. Organizations are testing systems to reduce risk and liability. The Insurance Institute for Business& Home Safety (IBHS) help home and business owners protect their property from damage caused by natural disasters with full scale housing constructions.

Although there are many testing facilities, one that caught my eye while attending the International Hurricane Protection Association meeting in Florida, the week before Hurricane Dorian, a presentation was made by FIU (Florida International University) on their Wall of Wind that can system test complete assemblies to Category 5 wind and rain conditions.


Another area of growing market share is the Off Site/Modular Construction Industry
McKinsey and Company reported that Modular Construction promote the exchange of information and encourage discussion on matters concerning building enclosures and related building science. Building relationships with modular suppliers will be crucial in growth of the adhesives and sealants market.

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I will wrap up in reminding adhesive and sealants manufacturing that The Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technology Office periodically seeks advanced technology solutions that includes adhesives and sealants.

Have a great growth year!



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