UV Light Fixation Speeds Curing of Two Component Adhesives

Posted on 4/29/2020 7:37:32 AM By ASC

Light fixation has proved to be the missing piece in the puzzle when it comes to two- component (2C) epoxy resins. By removing the time they took to reach initial strength before the introduction of suitable light fixation, these previously room temperature cured epoxies stand a good chance of recovering their previous status in the industrial sector.

2C epoxies have long been respected for their suitability in protective potting and structural bonding because of their strength, marked media resistance and reliability with regard to curing at room temperature. However the length of time this type of curing took to reach initial strength impacted its use in high volume industrial production. Neither was its reputation helped by the fact that other dual-curing adhesives had been speeding up their curing vastly using light fixation under high-intensity UV light for some time.

However with the introduction of a dual-curing process suitable for those two-component adhesives they can again meet industrial production demands by combining their 2C strengths with light fixation curing, and the light at the end of the 2C tunnel can shine brightly again.       


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