UV Light Curing Adhesives - UV Glues

Posted on 2/6/2013 3:26:28 PM By ASC

Adhesives cured by ultraviolet light can be found in many everyday objects because this curing method offers specific advantages. UV-cured adhesives typically work due to a photo initiator molecule that changes or breaks down when it absorbs the energy from UV light. That in turn created free radicals, which start or accelerate the transition to a solid state. UV curing is useful because it reduced curing time but also allows working time because the adhesive does not spontaneously rapidly cure. In addition, these adhesives are single-component compounds that do not require solvent, and they may be mixed for effective curing in areas where UV light will not reach the adhesive. UV-cured adhesives are commonly used in eyeglasses, electronics boards, glass furniture, jewelry, and to seal automotive sensors.