Use of Adhesive Dots vs. Lines for Efficient Use & Bonding for Hot Melt Applications

Posted on 8/27/2020 11:55:34 AM By ASC

Swapping dots for lines is at the core of Baumer’s latest addition to its tesla hot melt product range. It’s presented in the form of a dot-covered board which can connect the application heads with the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) of machine controllers, and so provide a bonding system which reduces the amount of adhesives consumed in hot melt processes, especially in the food packaging industry.

Baumer reports that using the board, which is covered with defined dots, instead of relying on long bonding lines on the substrate, could cut the amount of adhesives consumed by half in hot melt applications, thereby creating efficiency. At the same time it keeps the reliability of the joints and their quality intact because of the exact distribution of much less adhesive, according to the company.

At the heart of this distribution is the dot board which is installed in the control cabinets of machine controllers in order to connect the tesla heads with the PLCs. The board then converts input signals received from the packaging machines into high-frequency signals which are needed by the tesla heads for them to apply the rows of dots.