Ultra Strong Temporary Adhesive Turns to Gas for Easier Removal

Posted on 2/23/2021 8:00:07 AM By Intelligent Living

Researchers at Dartmouth College have made a second breakthrough regarding the development of super strong temporary adhesive technology, by finding a way to remove the adhesive when necessary without using force or mechanical intervention. According to the scientists involved in the project, the new adhesive will turn to gas when exposed to heat in a vacuum because of the subliminal nature of the molecular solids used in the adhesive.

This latest development follows the initial study at the same institution which lead to the identification of the first super strength temporary adhesive based on the adhesive abilities of a class of molecular solids which exist as crystals. 

Researchers report that after continued research the number of molecules in this class has since been extended to include more molecules with broader applications. These include sublimation which allows for transition from the solid state to vapor without passing through the liquid phase. And allows for gentle on-demand removal of the adhesive without using mechanical force or solvent.