U.S. Department of Defense to Take Adhesive Layered 3D Printing to Troops in the Field

Posted on 4/13/2021 7:44:20 AM By ThomasNet

The U.S. Department of Defense has decided to take 3D printing, to the front lines in a bid to allow troops to quickly handle on-site repairs and make replacement parts for their equipment when necessary.

Additive manufacturing technology company, ExOne, which was awarded the $1.6million contract by DOD, reports the project includes a good deal more than 3D printing equipment. 

It also includes the establishment of a portable factory which is housed in a shipping container, as well as fitting it out for 3D printing with ruggedized equipment as well as suitable software so as to simplify the levels of training required by those troops who will use it in the future in different areas and situations.


According to ExOne, the unit which is scheduled for delivery before the end of next year, will make use of binder jet printing, a category of 3D printing which creates a metal product joined together with adhesives and layers of composite powder. In a bid to further simplify and speed up the manufacture of the necessary parts required on the field, the use of a cloud database of relevant 3D items is under consideration, as is the concept of scanning the relevant item and digitally “repairing” it before printing it.