Turning Hot Roofs into Energy Efficient Cool Roofs with Coatings and Polyurethane Foam Sprays

Posted on 11/21/2019 8:13:03 AM By ASC

As dark colored “hot” roofs absorb up to 90% of the solar energy that reaches them, leading to their temperatures soaring to around 150°F (66°C), switching to cool roofs that absorb half that amount, becomes one of the simplest and least invasive steps to take in cutting back on energy usage, lowering carbon emissions, and reducing the carbon footprint.

The energy from sunlight impacts mostly on the outer layer of the roof. Dark roofs have traditionally been labeled as the biggest energy guzzlers, while white or light-colored ones are deemed the coolest because they reflect back up to 80% of sunlight’s energy, compared to dark roofs’ meagre 20% reflection rate.

However, as technology has developed, products have been introduced which can help reduce the impact of both the sun and the color. These include specialist cool roof coatings, and polyurethane foam spray. The cool coating can double the reflection ceiling of dark roofs to 40%, while also cutting back on the effects of UV rays, water and chemicals, so extending the life of the roof.

Polyurethane foam spray, a thick and solid substance formed when two liquid chemicals are mixed, has also become popular for cooling low-sloped roofs. When sprayed onto the roof material, this expanded substance adheres to it, forming a thick protective layer which is further enhanced by an application of the cool coating.

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