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Posted on 3/24/2014 8:25:17 AM By Matt Croson

In a recent member survey that ASC conducted, 400 industry executives identified innovation as a top external opportunity and challenge.  They also listed innovation as a top operational opportunity and challenge.

Why is it so important to the top executives?  It’s simple:  Innovation is the lifeblood of any company. 

From a customer perspective – no matter the product you deliver, innovating is a primary focus of your company.  Apple started with its iPod product—now look where they are with iPhones and iPads.  Samsung started with 42” TV’s—now they have a 102” flatscreen available.  Toyota was known for its Camry’s dependability—now it’s the Prius that is driving value for the company.

All are examples of companies that innovate and continue to develop innovative products to keep them ahead of the curve – creating value for their customers, shareholders and employees. 

Now let’s take a closer look at those companies and their products by examining the following question—Do you ever think adhesives when you discuss Apple’s innovations?  Do you ever think sealants when considering Toyota’s Prius?  Are adhesives an innovation driver for Samsung?


Look closely at your smart phone.  See any screws? 

Ever wonder how electronics are held together behind your huge TV screen?

Think that lightweighting of vehicles is just tied to plastics?

Adhesives and sealants are a critical part of the innovative products that companies deliver to the marketplace.  In many ways, adhesives and sealants help – and pardon the pun here – “secure the future” of a company because the formulated solutions ASC member companies deliver are quietly innovative.  In fact, they deliver the maximum value needed by a company, but not necessarily discussed in press releases.

Where do you find innovative companies that can help your company respond to your own innovation challenges? |

Find a Vendor

This website is a great resource for you.  The value the site delivers ranges from basic educational information sharing, right up to a complex TechSelect Tool or Bonding Questionnaire that can help you find the perfect innovation for your engineering team. 

The site was created by ASC and its member companies to connect the world of adhesives and sealants to your design team…..we want to connect innovation to your innovation!

Innovation is playing a big part of ASC’s focus.  In the coming weeks, our Board of Directors will be taking a look at our Council’s future, and discussing a change to its vision.  Because we are adding “innovation” as a strategic objective, we want to add innovation to our vision.

Why?  Because innovation is the lifeblood of any company – and any trade association trying to deliver value within any supply chain should also be focused on this objective or risk becoming irrelevant. 

I urge you to keep coming back to this website – sign up for our monthly industry update, view ASCTV & check out our new video highlighting the importance of biomimicry to innovation, begin dialogue in our “Ask an Expert” section – and leverage the site to find an innovative company to support your innovative product!  

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