Traditional Belgian Beer Maker Switches to Digitally Printed Self-Adhesive Labels

Posted on 11/14/2017 9:56:40 AM By ASC

In Belgium, beer brewing is an art that is executed with the same passion as the French produce wine. The Belgian abbey-brewed beers form part of this tradition, but now, a traditional brand is opting for a modern improvement: self-adhesive, digitally printed labels. The company used to use wet-adhesive labels, but the self-adhesive labels it has chosen will make reusing the bottles after washing off labels much easier as well as offering an improved presentation to attract customers to the brand.

Label D’Or worked with the brewers to develop the labelling solution they were looking for. The labelling company sourced suitable paper and chose an adhesive backing that would meet its customer’s needs for easy application and removal coupled with attractive presentation. The client, Val-Dieu Brewery prints the labels in-house using a Xeikon 5-color digital press. After printing, a coating is applied and the labels are wound onto reels for easy application. The Brewery says that its move towards self-adhesive labels has enhanced efficiencies.