Thermoplastic Adhesives Provide Light and Fast Bonding for Vehicle Liftgates

Posted on 3/25/2021 11:04:59 AM By ASC

In response to the needs of the electric vehicle industry for simplified manufacturing processes, and quick and light-weight solutions to bonding vehicle parts, DuPont has partnered with Canada-based auto parts manufacturer Magna International in the development of thermoplastic adhesives as an alternative to welding for bonding vehicle liftgates.


According to Magna, which took first place in the 2018 Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Automotive Awards body exterior category for its first bonded liftgate, the adhesive bonding method has to date been used on  5 vehicles, including the BMW i3. The company reports that there were many challenged involved, but none were with regard to whether thermoplastic adhesives could reduce bonding time and speed up the curing processes in bonding liftgates.

Instead, Magna reports the problems lay in accommodating the large number of moving parts, and the flexibility necessary  for the solution capable of addressing the needs of all automakers and customers. According to the company, thermoplastic adhesives have now showed themselves capable of meeting those bonding needs, adapting to the technology used for gatelifts in new and autonomous vehicles, and at the same time they have contributed to the appearance of the vehicles at the same time.