Thermal Management the Key to EV Safety and Performance

Posted on 10/31/2019 7:12:49 AM By ASC

As new goals and developments send EV designers and manufacturers on a new search for lighter weight electric vehicles with longer battery range, chemicals and adhesive technology company Henkel is focusing largely on the use of thermal products as a way to increase the safety and structural integrity of this planned new breed of lighter weight EVs, and so improve their functions while keeping them in line with regulatory safety requirements.

Henkel reports that there are a wide range of thermal products which could be used to improve the performance as well as the lifespan of EVs, including 1K and 2K liquids; sealants, coatings, tapes and films; pre-cured pads, gap pads and gasketing materials which could be used in thermal management to extend EVs lifespan and improve their function.

The company, which has teamed with engineering company RLS International in forming the strategic Mobility Alliance, reports that the heat generated by electric components in EVs affects the reliability and performance of the systems that drive them.

Thermal management using the right products in the right situation could improve the performance and lifespan of the EVs themselves. Thermal products could also increase the safety and performance levels of batteries, which are vulnerable to impact and intrusion. At the same time it could cut maintenance costs and extend batteries’ lifespan by lessening the impact of their high core temperatures.

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