Thermal Imaging Helps Chemicals Company to Monitor Package Sealing Quality

Posted on 2/23/2017 12:20:49 PM By ASC

Recochem Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of chemical products and fluids, needs to ensure that its products are effectively sealed in the packaging process to safeguard product quality and safety. It distributes windshield fluid in jugs packaged within cartons with an overwrap. The cartons are sealed with a hot-melt adhesive, and Recochem needs to check that the adhesive has been correctly applied. To do this, the company is using thermal imaging using an FLIR AX8 thermal imaging camera.

                            (click to enlarge)

The camera can “see” through the carton, checking adhesive spot sizes and temperatures. The thermal images show the higher temperature areas where the adhesive has been applied. If there is a problem with the glue gun, the hotter spots form a different pattern, alerting a technician who monitors the images. Previously, quality controllers would choose and destroy a random box every 10 to 15 minutes so that it could be inspected, but now, both the time needed for this and the waste of cartons has been eliminated from the packaging line. The company says that the resulting time and money savings are significant.