Thermal Bond Tape Offers Critical Benefits to Car Manufacturers

Posted on 5/10/2018 9:56:39 AM By ASC

3M's Weatherstrip Attachment Tape 5403 helps automotive and industrial clients who need a thin tape that will adhere to smooth surfaces. In automotive applications, the tape is often used for weatherstrip or gasket seals. However, it will be suitable for other applications too. The tape is just 0,9mm thick and is made from medium density acrylic foam. Two adhesives, a pressure-sensitive adhesive,and a heat-activated adhesive are responsible for its strong bonding properties.

The company says that its tape offers high adhesion and holding strength and can be used on a variety of substrates including painted surfaces, metals, EPDM formulations, and Santoprene®. It has excellent heat resistance in high-temperature environments, cures rapidly at relatively low temperatures, and has a high resistance to solvents.