The Sticking Point: Adhesives Replace More Conventional Fasteners

Posted on 12/20/2012 9:44:57 AM By ASC

Adhesives are increasingly used when complex systems need to meet challenging performance demands. When performance drives material selection composites are often used. However, composite materials come with the complexity of different physical properties, including thermal expansion and fatigue characteristics. In these cases, adhesives are more light-weight and add less complexity than traditional solutions, such as bolting materials together. A recent example of composite and adhesive use was the vertical axis wind turbine system prototype, which was constructed for a renewable energy project at Cranfield University's Composites Centre. While Cranfield University engineers were successful in designing with adhesive, the switch to adhesive can be daunting particularly given the variety available. Anyone struggling with what adhesive to use certainly isn’t alone. The senior technology specialist at Henkel, Bob Goss, receives as many as 100 emails each day asking for clarification about adhesive use. In these cases the simplest solution is to ask the experts, and they are just an email away.