The Growth of the Adhesives Industry: From Birch Tree Sap and Old Books to High Tech Applications and Widespread Industry Use

Posted on 1/19/2021 8:26:41 AM By Fastener and Fixing

Adhesives have been joining items since prehistoric times when sap from the birch tree was used to manually join weaponry and tools, and during the Middle Ages they were used in the early mass production of books, bonding substrates such as paper, leather and cardboard.

However, adhesives as an industry began during the 20th Century with the start and growth of industrialization and were further boosted by the introduction of electronics and changing technology. The industries major competitors were mechanical joining methods such as bolts, splined shaft connections, and screws, which adhesives are currently either assisting, or replacing entirely as a stronger and longer-lasting solution.

Adhesives have become incredibly versatile bonding with the latest substrates and high-tech materials and adopting new functions to meet the changing application needs of manufacturing and technology. This is particularly noticeable in construction and automobile assembly, industries which themselves are moving in different directions, using new and improved materials, and looking for efficiency in application times.

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