The Challenges with Bonding “Natural” Materials in Diapers

Posted on 3/2/2021 12:58:08 PM By ASI

Disposable and absorbent “natural” baby hygiene products are in high demand as more millennial parents choose them as a more sustainable, and often softer and less irritating solution for baby diapers. These plant-based, “premium cotton” and “natural” products are appealing to today’s parents as “free and clear” choices for their personal and families’ use.

Bonding these more natural materials however can be challenging. Hot-melt adhesives are fast becoming the ideal solution to ensure accurate application, high performance, ease of application, and flexibility, in the manufacture of natural baby and adult diapers and feminine products – factors which are particularly relevant in bonding. Natural substrates generally do not respond well to bonding using any sort of “welding” or localized melting which applies heat directly onto the substrates in order to melt them together. To do this a melting point is required in the substrates, which natural products don’t have. 

Hot-melt adhesives, which are compatible with natural substrates like cotton, do not require melting points in the substrates in order to function. Instead hot-melt adhesives are adhered to the substrates when already in molten state, creating an immediate bond, and when applied with adhesive applicators and spray nozzles, provide consistent adhesive patterns and uniform bonding helping to soften the product.