The Adhesive & Sealant Council Brings Lots of New Exciting Web Based Features into 2013

Posted on 1/3/2013 11:26:04 AM By Jeff Timm

As 2012 bids farewell and 2013 knocks on the front door it is customary to reflect on the past year.   March 2012 marked the launch of my Packaging Blog on the revamped web based platform, by the Adhesive & Sealant Council,  They successfully incorporated new design features and a mission of engagement by offering a market focused end-user interactive web-based

This educational portal website is the place to learn more about the technology and chemistry of adhesives and sealants or to correspond with others in the industry supply chain.  Whether you leverage the market segment news and blog feeds, join a discussion via the LinkedIn group, add your comments to one of the blogs, conduct research utilizing the student resource center, or simply download whitepapers, is your adhesives and sealants resource.

To locate a supplier, leverage the VendorSelect tool.  ASC is confident that the tool will connect you with an innovative company to lend support for your project.  If you can’t find a supplier, try the Bonding Questionnaire. Once you fill out the form and hit ‘submit’ your request will go to an ASC staff member who will then connect you with the appropriate ASC member company representative whose product line supports your needs. is focused on educating the design community on how adhesives and sealants can benefit a company or project.  If you are looking for information and can’t find it via this site or if you have something you would like to share, contact the ASC at, and they will be happy to help you.

Give it a look!  Whether adding a comment to my blog, downloading a white paper or checking out the YouTube® based ASC TV you have an opportunity to increase your knowledge, solve a problem or state your case on all things adhesive.

In November the ASC also revamped their web portal for the members of their association.  The revamped website features a number of new tools, including a VOC regulation map, industry updates and intelligence, a job board, training, and advocacy.

“The site has been completely transformed into an information-oriented site where members can find the latest regulatory information, fill positions within their operations, read news from the industry, and generally keep up to speed on the changes happening within our sector,” said Matthew E. Croson, president. “What was once predominately an events registration website has now expanded to include information, news and alerts that can be leveraged by ASC members on a regular basis.”  For additional information, visit

The market confusion around ‘green’ and ‘sustainability’ definitions is not unique to the adhesive industry.  To encourage a collaborative effort in defining ‘green’ for the industry, the ASC partnered with ASTM to host the first adhesive industry Sustainability Summit in July 2012 in Chicago.  The Summit was a success in bringing the industry together to chart the first steps in developing sustainability perimeters for the industry and a set of common definitions to be used industry-wide.

Additionally in 2012, ASC announced collaboration with Europe-based FEICA and China-based CATIA to release the 2012 ASC-CATIA-FEICA Adhesives and Sealants Classification Manual.  The manual reportedly provides a common set of market definitions and product categories that can be used to represent the adhesive and sealant industry worldwide. It is the first time that China, Europe and North America have harmonized the classification manual.

“For the first time, the three major adhesives and sealants markets–China, Europe and North America–share a common language when it comes to defining the marketplace for adhesives and sealants,” said Matthew E. Croson, president of the ASC.  “The project began in September 2011 in a meeting with Bernard Ghyoot of FEICA and Michael Yang of CATIA when we were together in Guangzhou, China, and culminated in the effort being announced at the World Adhesives Conference recently held in Paris, France. The adhesives and sealants market travels on a global passport, and now all of the major markets speak the same language when it comes to defining the industry.”

As you can see from these partial highlights above, it was a busy and defining year.  Likewise, 2013 should prove to be an even more rewarding year as the fruits of engagement are beginning to take hold and the portal is getting wider global notice. 

Happy New Year!

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