Thank You Notes - Packaged with Care

Posted on 11/23/2015 12:30:44 PM By Hallie Forcinio

It’s not hard to find things to be thankful for. There’s the obvious:

- Good health
- Strong faith
- A loving spouse
- Cherished children
- Supportive family
- True friends
- Enjoyable work
- A sufficient income
- A safe neighborhood
- Leisure time fun
- Heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer
- Reliable transportation
- Opportunities for service to others
- An ample food supply and
- A dizzying array of goods that enrich our households and lives.

Packagers of those goods give thanks for efficient processes and high-quality packaging materials that ensure intact arrival and enhanced value and functionality. Consumers appreciate effective packaging too, even though they may not pay much attention to it unless a problem arises with the product.

Successful packaging often depends on adhesives. Adhesives maintain brand identity by keeping labels on rigid containers and other packaging formats. Adhesives make it possible to create multilayer flexible packaging materials with barrier properties (and shelf life protection) beyond what a mono-material structure could achieve. Adhesives help packaging protect products by providing secure closure, pilfer resistance, tamper evidence and unitized pallet loads.

For pallet loads, high shear, low tensile strength formulas reduce or eliminate the need for stretch wrap, strapping and corner boards, cutting material costs and waste and enhancing sustainability profiles.When manually or automatically applied to boxes or bags, these water-based cohesives minimize side-to-side motion of stacked loads. However, low tensile strength allows each bag or box to be lifted up and removed from the load without leaving residue or damaging the substrate or printed graphics.

Adhesives also can helpextend shelf life andadd functionality. A good example is the easy-open/reclose feature sometimes seen on packages of wipes or trayed cookies. In some cases, the peel/reseal function is provided by a die-cut, pre-applied label on the packaging film. A variety of sizes and structures are available including materials compatible with hard-to-hold products containing alcohol or other chemicals.

Peel/reseal concepts also can enhance sustainability. Misionero Vegetables, for instance, has replaced its top lid and shrink wrap with peel/reseal lidding on trays of its Garden Life Washed and Trimmed Lettuce and Misionero Earth Greens Organic Salads. According to the company, the tamper-evident, peel/reseal lidding represents a source reduction of 20 percent, gives consumers faster access to the product and is capable of peeling and securely resealing multiple times.

No doubt about it, packaging adhesives deliver many benefits packagers and consumers can appreciate.