Tape Offers an Easy, Lightweight, Multi-Purpose Solution to Manufacturers – and it Keeps Getting Better

Posted on 12/13/2018 4:38:06 PM By ASC

Designers and engineers are turning to adhesives to achieve the outcomes they’re looking for, and adhesive tapes are part of the revolution. When those tapes offer the added benefit of a stronger bond and additional functionality like sealing, damping, or insulating,designers can achieve more with fewer components and still expect improved outcomes.

Although there are already some highly advanced tapes on the market, films and tapes offer rich ground for innovation. Specialized tapes can be custom-produced for specific needs, and companies that partner with adhesive industry players during product design could well uncover innovations that allow them to achieve results that would not otherwise have been possible. 

Advantages of using tape instead of regular fasteners include:

• Can be stronger than traditional fasteners
• Can be developed to tolerate harsh environments
• Creates a seal to exclude moisture and dust
• Insulates
• Neater appearance of finished products
• Preserves the integrity of substrates (no holes needed)
• Damps vibration
• Can reduce noise
• Save time on production line compared to mechanical fasteners
• Requires little to no special equipment
• Safe to use and requires little staff training



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