Take the Squeak out of Stairs with Adhesives and Foam

Posted on 3/19/2020 6:28:29 AM By ASC

While old squeaky stairs can range in emotional impact from being irritating to almost causing a panic attack, there’s no need to sell-up and move out because of them. For those with a DIY inclination the answer to the problem lies in construction adhesive and closed-cell foam, plus a bit of work, and the stairs will become quiet once again. 

Tips from those in the know suggest that this approach can be used on both new stairs as a precaution against their becoming creaky in the future, and on old stairs which already make a noise.

For these veteran staircases, the best approach is to either shim the treads and risers from below, or drive the existing shims deeper, and glue them in place with construction adhesive. The next step is to fill in the seams between the treads and risers with the same adhesive, and tool it into the joints before using screws to bond the treads and risers more securely to the stringers that link the flight of stairs.

Where does the closed cell foam come in? It’s the final step in the stair-quietening process. The foam is sprayed over the entire underneath surface of the stairway to a thickness of about one inch. This deadens any sound as well as locking the structure together.

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