Supporting Industry’s Next Generation of Leaders via Training and Promoting the Industry to Prospective Students

Posted on 2/9/2016 4:09:37 PM By Matt Croson


Supporting Industry’s Next Generation of Leaders via Training and Promoting the Industry to Prospective Students

ASC’s Long Range Plan was adopted two years ago with a different kind of Vision Statement, it read:  Innovators Secure the Future with Adhesives and Sealants.

The ASC Board wanted to connect the concepts on “innovation” and “future” with our products.  The word “secure” was a great play on words as it both illustrates a benefit we deliver, while it connotes strength.

One of our goals for the Plan was to bolster substantially the Council’s educational programming – making it an integral part of an employee’s career development.  Another goal was to broaden our community’s knowledge integration by collaborating with the Adhesion Society. 

In February, ASC announced two new programs that deliver on these goals – and establish a foundation on which to build and grow for years to come.


First, ASC has completely overhauled its pricing model for its well-received Training Academy.  Members who are regular participants in the live webinars, and who tap into the on demand catalogue of programs, are saving thousands of dollars by participating in the new Subscription Models that are now offered.

Full Corporate Subscriptions – Participating companies receive access to all live Training Academy webinars, access to the Council’s entire On Demand webinar library, and can send an unlimited number of personnel through the Council’s developing Certificate Program, which will launch in the first quarter.  Pricing for this program is $3500 for members and $5,000 for non-members.

Lite Corporate Subscriptions – Participating companies receive access to all live Training Academy webinars, access to all of the Council’s On Demand webinars, and can send up to four employees through the Council’s developing Certificate Program.  Pricing for this program is $1,800 per year for members and $2,500 for nonmembers.

A La Carte Pricing Model Continues – ASC members and non-members will continue to be able to connect to Training Academy programs by paying on a per event basis, if they do not wish to purchase a subscription plan.  Individual line Pricing will be $199 for members and $249 for non-members (2 person max), per event, or corporate pricing of $499 for members and $549 for non-members, who wish to broadcast to many attendees for two access lines (sites.)

Pricing for Certificate Program Only - for those interested in registering for the ASC Adhesive and Sealant Certificate Program only, discounted webinar pricing will also be available. Pricing for each employee to access the required 12 course selections for the certificate program will be $900 per employee for members (compared with $2,388 a la carte) and $2,000 per employee for non-members (compared with $2,988 a la carte.)

A copy of the comprehensive 2016 Training Academy Live Webinar Schedule is available for download HERE.

Created in 2012, ASC’s Training Academy has delivered between 12-15 live webinars to the adhesive and sealant industry each year, with an average of 400 attendees participating annually.  These live webinars then become part of the Council’s On-Demand services, and include 30+ titles that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



One of the value drivers of the subscription program is ASC’s soon-to-be-launched Certificate Program.

This program has been in development for the past 12 months, and will include six Core fundamental courses, and six electives relevant to specific adhesive technology or chemistry needed.  The program is designed as a new employee training program which will deliver fundamentals of learning to ensure new hires are up to speed on adhesive and sealant technology, testing and terminology.

Fundamentals of adhesives and sealants, polymer science, adhesion, formulating and testing are all part of the Core program, and then participants can choose six electives from the Training Academy to round out their learning in technologies and chemistries of interest.

The 12-class Certificate Program will have proficiency exams for each course and have a la carte pricing as well, to provide flexibility in pricing.

A copy of the 2016 Training Academy Live Webinar Schedule is available for download HERE.

To register your company for the Subscription Plans, please click HERE.  Members will need to log in to receive the member pricing.


Council Partners with Adhesion Society to Showcase Industry to Students

At the same time as we are focused on supporting our current employees with valuable training, ASC is also focused on connecting with the next generation of employees by partnering with the Adhesion Society.

We recently announced our first-ever university tour program with five stops planned in 2016.  The new program is designed to showcase the industry to prospective employees at leading universities and colleges that have a focus on adhesives and sealants within their curriculum. 

ASC will be presenting at the following schools in 2016:

  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Lehigh University
  • University of Akron
  • Northwestern University
Dates and times for each of the tours are being planned and will be announced at a later date.

Each ASC University Tour will include a presentation, question and answer session, and an informal networking opportunity.  The schools will coordinate student participation, while ASC will deliver the information and invite member companies to attend and participate.

The partnership with ASC and AS is a developing program, adding value to both groups.

Four years ago, ASC started a working relationship with the Adhesion Society whereby the Council managed the Society’s meetings.  Over the past three years, the Council has proactively invited Adhesion Society researchers to present 14-16 papers a year at its Convention in order to promote the advanced research Society members are publishing.  The University Tour is a natural evolution of this relationship and supports both organizations’ efforts to advance adhesives and sealants as a profession.

Both of these programs are focused on the future!  Focused on our current employees’ educational needs as they create the future, and focused on prospective employees who we need to help create our future, by knowing they have a future with us!

Join us, and help shape the future in other ways.  To learn more, contact me at or contact Steve Duren, Senior Director, Member Services, at