Sulzer Mixpac Cuts the Cords on Adhesive Dispensing

Posted on 5/6/2020 9:10:57 AM By ASC

Sulzer Mixpac has literally pulled the plug out on its new 2-component adhesive dispensing unit. The company has partnered with Bosch in installing long-lasting 18V lithium-ion batteries in its new COX ElectraFlow Dual Ultra 600ml cordless unit.

Sulzer reports that the cordless unit mixes two materials in a one to one ratio using a precise trigger switch so that users can extrude adhesives and sealants in accurate amounts. It is capable of dispensing fluids with low to high viscosities over long periods, while ensuring homogeneous mixing and equal dispensing ratios for both cartridges. Reliability and performance are maintained by the company’s patent pending cartridge locator system, which ensures the cartridges are retained in the correct position during operation.

According to Sulzer, the cordless dispenser is compatible with a number of its MIXPAC applications which cover a range of different 2-component side-by-side cartridges and mixers. As a result of its partnering with Bosch Professional, the fast-charging batteries used in the new dispenser will also be compatible for use with a number of Bosch power tools, and it has also lead to Sulzer’s decision to use the same batteries to power its ElectraFlow Plus1-component dispensers in the future.  

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