Structural Adhesives Use in Vehicle Assembly Leads to New Michigan Commercial Partnership

Posted on 12/30/2019 5:09:14 PM By ASC

Growth in the use of structural adhesives in vehicle manufacture has attracted the attention of two Michigan companies and led to a commercial partnership between them aimed at the machines dispensing those adhesives. The partnership has brought together industrial metrology developers Perceptron Inc, and Coherix Inc, producers of HD 3D high-speed machine vision solutions, in a bid to optimize the use and accuracy of the multiple adhesive dispensing systems now present in automotive assembly areas.

According to Coherix, the use of structural adhesives was likely to continue to grow because of the assembly benefits they offered, like reduced weight and emissions, and increased structural integrity when bonding dissimilar materials. As a result, the adhesives would become increasingly important when it came to 3D inspection and process controls in the future.

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