Strong Adhesive Helps Bluetooth Enabled ‘Tile Sticker’ Keep Track of Your Valuables

Posted on 11/6/2019 8:11:55 AM By ASC

TheTile tracking company which helps cell phone users locate their misplaced items like keys and phones via Bluetooth, has added a new tile to its range of battery-operated trackers for bigger and heavier items. To ensure the effectiveness of the new Tile Sticker, the tracking company which has left attachment methods and adhesive choice up to the user on its other trackers, has made a real connection with its new tracker by providing a strong and waterproof 3M adhesive along with the Sticker.

The battery-operated Sticker tracker will ring in response to a message transmitted to it by Bluetooth, as long as the misplaced object is within 150ft of the caller - and only if the tracker itself hasn’t gone missing. According to the company, the 3M adhesive will ensure that the tile stays attached to the metal and plastic substrates of the bigger and heavier range of items the iOS and Android app plans to track in the future by allowing for the inclusion of bicycles, laptops, luggage, headphones, cameras and other valuable belongings in the range of items the app can track.

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