Stores Sell Out of Glue Thanks to Kids’ Craze

Posted on 4/18/2017 10:06:19 AM By ASC

When one hears that stores are selling out of glue owing to a kids’ craze, one might raise an eyebrow and wonder what mischief is afoot, but the cause of the spike in sales is perfectly innocent. It’s the revival of an old craze that will resonate with many adults: SLIME!

Kids make the gooey substance from glue, water, and sodium tetraborate (Borax is most common brand name), adding a creative touch with food coloring and even glitter. New formulations are always being created with substitutions/additions like shaving cream, liquid starch (instead of sodium tetraborate), liquid soap and new ones all the time! 

Thanks to social media, the craze is sweeping the internet with kids posting images of their colorful slime creations. Glow in the dark slime, scented slime, glitter slime, spongy slime and many more types can be created with simple easy to find ingredients. 

The adhesive they’re all gunning for is Elmer’s Glue, and the slime phenomenon is being credited with DOUBLING sales of the adhesive in the second half of 2016. Elmer’s says it is increasing production to cater for the craze and is investigating products that are specifically designed for slime creation. Meanwhile, many stores are sold out of the popular glue.

Sometimes, new uses for adhesives come as a surprise – even to the companies that manufacture them.