Spring Has Sprung: Consumer Packaging Demands

Posted on 4/22/2016 9:23:50 AM By Hallie Forcinio

This has been a strange winter, much warmer and less snowy than usual on the shore of Lake Erie. Instead of parkas and snow squalls for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, it was sunny and above 50 degrees. 

Even though the winter has been mild, it’s still exhilarating to see signs of spring – even better when the grass starts greening, the trees start budding, and daffodils start blooming a few weeks ahead of schedule. 

With so many signs of spring, thoughts turn to playing outside – sprucing up the yard and planting the garden. That means trips to garden centers to acquire the products needed to defeat weeds and bad bugs and encourage the greenery you want to flourish throughout the spring, summer and fall. 

The array of lawn and garden products can be daunting, but what often seals the decision to buy is the functionality of the package. Consumers appreciate packages that are easy to open,use, reclose and store, and adhesives play an important role in successful designs. 

Brand owners in this category pay careful attention to label adhesives and printing to ensure safe usage for the life of the product. The right adhesive ensures instructions and safety information remain on the container despite exposure to the product, to moisture and to storage conditions ranging from stifling hot to freezing cold. 

Flexible packaging, a staple for this category, remains popular with greatly enhanced designs. Instead of stitched closures, which can be frustrating to open and don’t reclose, flexible packaging for multi-use products like grass seed, weed preventer and fertilizer depends on strong film and leak-resistant seals typically created by a heat process that permanently bonds surfaces. To simplify opening and use, bags or pouches frequently incorporate a tear strip for easy opening and a zipper for secure reclosure. In some cases a cohesive flap can provide reclosability. 

For added convenience, standup pouch designs often include a fitment, which is heat-sealed in a position to serve as a dispenser or pour spout. This functionality simplifies product application and preparation by converting the package to a shaker bag or making it easy to measure the recommended amount. 

Rigid containers in the lawn and garden aisle also display consumer-friendly features such as handles and dispensing closures and frequently rely on the adhesive qualities of an inner seal that covers the mouth of the container and prevents leakage during distribution and sale. Integrated measuring components expedite mixing of concentrated products. For products mixed with a water, it’s increasingly common to see containers topped with an elaborate fitment that allows direct connection to a hose and virtually simultaneous dispensing, mixing and application. To ensure these rather large fitments remain firmly attached for the life of the product, designs can rely on a snap-fit, a strong, waterproof adhesive to bond fitment to container or both. 

The outdoors beckons and innovative packaging, together with the right adhesives, are there to help make lawn and garden products more user-friendly and secure. I think I have spring fever.