Posted on 4/8/2013 9:26:40 AM By Sandy Niks

In the region where I live, it is difficult to stay focused this time of year. The birds are coming back, flowers are attempting to stick their heads above ground, it’s getting [a little] warmer, the yard beckons, and it’s also time for adhesive meetings!

The SAE World Congress is held in April, this year running April 16 – 18 at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Most of the automotive technical committees meet during that week, if possible.  The SAE Adhesives and Sealants Committee will be meeting earlier, on the afternoon of Thursday, April 11, at the SAE Automotive Headquarters in Troy, MI. It’s a small Committee, partly because most of our efforts have been around maintaining existing standards and finishing work on three glass bonding test procedures. However, a new Committee has recently been formed within SAE to work on lightweight automotive materials. It is expected this new work will cross several existing Committee lines, including Plastics, Metals, as well as Adhesives and Sealers. Hopefully, this will generate renewed interest in getting the supporting standards developed and written for the new applications and substrates. We are also in the process of electing a new Chairperson, so it is expected that the goals and objectives of the SAE Adhesives and Sealants Committee will be reviewed.

The ASTM D14, Adhesives, meeting is in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, April 14 – 16. Much of the activity at this time is in maintaining existing standards, which includes conducting testing where Precision and Bias statements are missing, updating units to be more acceptable internationally, etc. Most substrates and sectors are covered in this Committee. Most of the new activity has been centered in Wood Adhesives (D14.30) and Construction Adhesives (D14.70), where work is continuing on a specification for carpet adhesives as well as the supporting test methods, such as retack of carpet adhesives. For the transportation sector, four of the subcommittees have relevant standards - Metal Bonding (D14.80), Adhesives for Plastics (D14.40), Adhesive Material Classification System (D14.60), and Working Properties (D14.10). Also note that this is a “Committee Week”, which means several other ASTM Committees (such as E60 on Sustainability) are meeting at the same location, which may be of interest.

ASTM D14 votes the USA position on any adhesive standards in ISO that are being balloted, both revisions and new work. There are several currently in ballot for their periodic review. Also, new items for the evaluation of the adhesion interface of plastic/metal assemblies are being proposed from Japan. As with ASTM D14, the adhesive standards at ISO cover a range of substrates – wood bonding, metal bonding, plastic bonding – and most sectors – construction, transportation, etc. A short meeting is scheduled for ASTM D14.99, ISO Subcommittee, on Sunday, April 14, at 4 pm local time.

Hope to see you at the spring adhesive meetings!

Meeting information:

SAE Adhesives and Sealants Committee, April 11, 2013, 2 – 4 pm EDST, face-to-face in Troy, MI, or WEBEX, announcement and agenda here.

ASTM D14, April 14 – 15, 2013, Indianapolis, IN, complete Committee Week information here.

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