Specialist Adhesives and Potting Compounds Cut Dangers of Flames

Posted on 8/13/2020 11:14:26 AM By ASC

Using flame resistant silicone and epoxy adhesives and potting compounds can prove to be the difference between life and serious injury or death and also save property by increasing safety levels by providing a time window for escape and reducing the hazards and toxicity in the flames and smoke should an electrical fire start due to a faulty device or appliance. Particularly vulnerable are switches, connectors, control modules, power supplies, sensors to transformers, PCB boards, capacitors and resistors and small electronic devices with accelerated processing power. 

The danger of fires in planes, trains and buses caused by electrical and electronic appliances and devices is very real, and makes the use of these products essential because of the number of people involved as passengers and crew. It’s also especially important when those appliances and devices are housed in small enclosed areas such as cabins and cargo compartments, as they often are in these public transport systems. 

Using the wrong adhesive could increase the danger of fire, making the right flame resistant adhesive or potting compound essential. These will be certified according to the recognized national or government safety standards of the country. Among the factors taken into account are low viscosity, toughness, thermal stability and shock resistance, and dielectric properties. They should contain non-halogenated fillers, pass the vertical burn test which means that drips don’t ignite, feature low smoke emissions, and be able to self-extinguish.

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