Slide-able and Bubble-Free Adhesive Launched for Graphic Vehicle Wraps

Posted on 4/23/2020 11:27:57 AM By ASC

Mactac has launched a new adhesive vehicle wrap for companies wanting to advertise their products and brands on trucks, vans, buses and other vehicles, and the company reports the new proprietary adhesive, which will be used for the wraps, is going to improve the ease with which the application of the wraps is done considerably.

According to the company, it’s new IMAGin B-free Slide-able GRUV system is slide-able and can be easily repositioned when necessary. The slide-able and bubble free nature of the wrap is enabled by the air-egress acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive and its invisible and omni-directional adhesive plan. It is also quick to build a strong bond, so speeding up the application.

The easily-removed adhesive backs gloss white soft calendared PVC film highly suitable for color reproduction, and a poly-coated liner for stability during printing. Outdoor durability is estimated to be about 2 years.

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