Simplifying Automotive Interior Assembly with Adhesives

Posted on 7/24/2019 8:45:55 AM By ASC

Compatibility with various complex substrates, bonding flexibility, and higher levels of accuracy in application have seen automotive adhesives play a large role in simplifying vehicle interior trim assembly in general. They are also able to help streamline interior trim assembly still further when they can be applied using existing methods and equipment and when one type of adhesive can be used on a range of different components.

Bostik, for instance, reports that its hot melt adhesives provide flexible bonding, are compatible with most complex substrates, and can be used on any form of molding, and on most components. This lessened the need for multiple types of adhesive, and like Bostik’s reactive-solvent based interior trim adhesives these adhesives can also be be applied to the substrate by either rolling or spraying.

Bostik reports that its pigmented rubber-based adhesives also allowed for greater application accuracy by improving visibility, while water-based ones were able to provide adhesion when fabrics like leather and foam were used for interior trim assembly. 

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