Silicone Solutions Help Keep Sophisticated Electronics Running Smoothly

Posted on 6/18/2012 2:42:10 PM By ASC

Business Wire

Dow Corning and its XIAMETER brand provide a range of silicone products to improve the performance of touchscreens. Dow Corning has developed a range of innovative silicone solutions to address the demand for low- and ultralow-adhesion protective films for electronic devices. For example, Dow Corning 7651 Adhesive and Dow Corning 7652 Adhesive provide a clean, easy-to-remove, optically-transparent adhesive for protective films. "It doesn't matter how high the resolution of the screen is if it is covered with smudges and scratches," said Chris Velasquez, global market manager for Dow Corning. "Keeping surfaces scratch-free and easy to clean is a need that has become more evident with the increase in the many devices where operation is controlled by touch."

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