Silicone Adhesives Deliver Design Freedom and Device Reliability in the Electronics Market

Posted on 7/28/2020 7:28:40 AM By ASC

Flexible and folding devices like laptops, televisions, displays and smart phones, and other products such as wearables, can prove to be problematic when their folding or flexing functionality falls prey to the stress of constant folding and unfolding. To address this, Dow has launched a two-part primerless elastic silicone adhesive which when applied directly to thin metal surfaces forms an elastic layer or inner hinge which is aimed at helping these devices withstand repetitive folding and unfolding.

According to the company, the new adhesive is easy to apply with roll-to-roll coating, screen printing, automatic dispensing or injection molding to substrates like the etched areas of stainless steel sheets used beneath foldable laptops’ displays. Its durable tensile strength, hardness and 40 percent elongation qualities are designed to control the stress neutral line which prevents damage to the display in the folded area, especially when it is dropped or impacted.

It requires no primer, cures at a mild heat in around an hour (or faster using a higher heat), and has a working time of about 12 hours at room temperature.

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