Self-Stick Protection Fabric Puts an End to Surface Mess and Damage

Posted on 4/10/2019 6:35:59 AM By ASC

It’s a catch 22 – factories, workshops, and work areas are home to messy jobs – but cleaning up the mess can take longer than the task itself. What’s more, harsh cleaning agents and vigorous cleaning scratches and damages surfaces – even supposing the stains can be removed, the surface has a shorter lifespan.

3M says it has the solution with a self-stick liquid protection fabric that can be rolled on using a push-along applicator or by hand. The fabric comes in several widths, adheres to most surfaces, has non-slip benefits, will cushion impacts from dropped debris, and will exclude dust, dirt, grime, and spills. When it’s time to clean up, the fabric can be peeled away and will not leave an adhesive residue on the substrate. 

In painting, the fabric will reduce paint booth maintenance, but it can be used for any application where there’s a surface to be keep dust and dirt free while you work. 3M demonstrates how a boat’s pure-white surface is maintained scratch and grime free during routine maintenance thanks to the fabric. 3M says its fabric will help general industry, but also any small business or private enthusiast with surfaces to protect.

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