Sealants Prove Critical to Home Efficiency During Harsh Winters

Posted on 1/29/2020 8:19:09 AM By ASC

When winter invades the home it can leave it looking tatty and old from the outside, and covered in dust and dirt inside. There’s also a chance it may damage the structure if the house is not properly water-proofed, and if maintenance is ignored, it can send energy costs and consumption through the window and door, if not through the roof. That’s when sealants become home-owners’ best friend by filling in the gaps.

The most common causes of trouble are gaps where doors and windows don’t fit to a T, and those that form between door and window jambs and their adjacent trims, sidings, and thresholds. Winter also hits on and can worsen cracks, corner joins, penetrations made by pipes, conduits and vents, and places where rails or other items have been attached to the house.

Before winter wreaks its havoc it’s necessary to repair these with the applicable sealant chosen from a range of white or colored caulks to fill cracks and gaps, silicone sealants for extra protection against water infiltration, and window and door sealants.

Untreated, these gaps allow for cold and damp air to penetrate the house, leading to higher energy bills as more heating is used to defy the cold and cleaning equipment is employed more often to combat the build-up of dust and dirt that sneaks in.

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