Sealant For Boots Helps Customers Look Stylish on Rainy Days – Without Ruining Their Footwear

Posted on 12/7/2017 12:35:42 PM By ASC

Just about everybody loves a good-looking pair of high-quality boots. And if it can be made from soft, Italian leather, then that pair of boots is going to be a wardrobe favorite. But wet weather is hard on footwear, and cold water leaking in through seams, seeping through the leather, or getting in between the sole and the upper leather causes considerable discomfort – especially if you have to live with soggy boots and wet feet all day.

Now, fashionistas don’t have to contemplate the ignominy of wearing wellington boots just to keep their feet dry and their shoes intact. Luxury brand Aquatalia is producing waterproof Italian leather and suede boots, and a sealant is the secret to its success. The company injects a customized sealant into the leather when it is being tanned, and when the shoes are made, the stitched seams are sealed with a liquid sealant too. The result? Waterproof Italian leather boots that are also stain resistant – and all thanks to a sealant.