Scientists to Glue Cameras to Beleaguered Hawaiian Monk Seals in Hopes of Image Makeover

Posted on 7/16/2012 9:13:30 AM By Washington Post

The endangered Hawaiian monk seal is in need of an image makeover, as some fishermen blame the species for stealing their catch, creating rumors that they devour and deplete fish stocks. At least four monk seals were killed by human in Hawaii since late last year. To correct these misconceptions, government scientists are planning to glue submersible cameras onto the seals' backs to allow fishermen to view proof that the animals are not harming their livelihoods. The footage could even be used for a television program. Starting this August, biologists will capture several seals, sedate them, and use an epoxy to attach the cameras to their backs. Charles Littnan, lead scientist for the National Marine Fisheries Service’s Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program, hopes the footage will prove some negative assumptions about the animals untrue.

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