Robots Reach Craftsman Status at Nissan by Learning How to Apply Sealants in Auto Assembly

Posted on 2/5/2020 7:58:28 AM By ASC

Digitization and specialized “training” have lifted robots through the ranks on the Nissan assembly line. In doing so, the robots have moved from performing simpler tasks to the most delicate of operations, including those involved in applying waterproof sealants to the seams on the Japanese manufacturer’s vehicle bodies to protect the vehicles against water intrusion. This task was previously handled by craftsmen and experts because of the speed and dexterity required to ensure a good bond.

The company reports that with the collaboration of its engineers, many parts of the processes involved in sealant application were digitized, and then “taught” to the robots, thereby automating it to a large degree. However the journey towards craftsmanship didn’t stop there.

Every movement and gesture used at any given point in the smoothing and finishing process was analyzed, and the amount of pressure used by the craftsmen doing it was calculated. Findings were then converted into instructions which led to the robots applying and finishing the sealant precisely and quickly even when faced with complex seams on the vehicle bodies.

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