Retailer Uses Adhesive-Backed Mats to Fight Slip-and-Fall

Posted on 6/6/2019 7:20:47 AM By ASC

A Philadelphia grocery chain has instituted a comprehensive system of best practices and preventative safety measures to protect itself and its customers. They’ve started at floor level with the use of adhesive-backed floor mats.

With slips and falls one of the most common accidents resulting in injury to customers, and affecting retailers’ pockets and reputation, floor safety procedures have become a necessary part of retailing in the US. 

With this in mind, Redner’s Markets regional chain made sure to include appropriate floor covering, along with introducing tracked staff “safety walks” and other safety measures it introduced. The New Pig mats now installed in all the Redner’s Markets stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland, are specially cut to fit different areas of the stores and are replaceable. 

To prevent spills and liquids from reaching the floor and creating a hazard for customers and staff, the mats have a thick and absorbent top layer. This is backed by a waterproof adhesive layer that adheres to the floor and prevents any liquid from seeping through it.


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