Researchers Study on Long-Wave UV ‘Cross-Linking’ for Stronger Adhesive Bonds Promising

Posted on 1/14/2020 11:53:19 AM By ASC

Research by a group of Canadian composite materials researchers and chemists from the Universities of British Columbia, Victoria and Alberta, has indicated that cross-linking could be the answer to creating strong bonds between plastics and synthetic fibers at molecular level.

Studies so far have indicated the cross-linking process, which involves exposing an adhesive to long-wave UV light or heat, results in a strong bond that is both impact and corrosion resistant even after only a small amount of exposure.

The researchers report that their studies have shown that an adhesive given this type of treatment is particularly effective when used with the high-density polyethylene often used in geomembranes, piping and plastic bottles, which can be difficult to bond. The cross-linking process has also responded well to tests carried out in sectors which produce body armor and bullet-proof vests, and have shown potential for use in the production of clothing for extreme climates because of the cross-linked adhesive’s ability to bond different fabrics together.

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