Research Group Develops New Light-Curing Epoxy That Also Works Underwater (Video)

Posted on 8/1/2018 7:53:05 AM By ASC

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have demonstrated and patented their newly-developed epoxy resin formula. The team says its innovation can be used in the aerospace, shipbuilding and auto industries as well as for underwater repairs to underwater structures. The material is transparent when applied, but after exposure to UV or visible light, it solidifies and darkens. The process takes seconds.

Apart from being able to work underwater, the formula works well with carbon-fiber and carbon-fiber mats. Since carbon fiber is playing a pivotal role in lightweighting initiatives, car-makers and the aerospace industry will provide potential target markets for the new epoxy. In addition, the epoxy can be used to insulate electrical components as well s working as a bonding agent.

Professor Robert Liska, lead researcher, explains that the secret behind the formulation lies in additives that can be tailored to respond to different types of light. It’s also not necessary to expose all the material to light. If any part of it is exposed to light, the ensuing chemical reaction ensures curing throughout – even in places where light cannot penetrate.


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