Repositionable Adhesives Inspire Innovative Bathroom Tidy Tiles

Posted on 2/27/2019 12:00:51 PM By ASC

Nowadays, adhesives aren’t necessarily one-stick wonders. The ability to not only stick things in place, but reposition them with ease and without mess, has given rise to a wide range of innovative and practical products.

Toiletries are the latest on the scene. The “toiletries” bathroom-tidy set consists of four adhesive silicone tiles that neatly hold your most frequently-used personal care items.

It’s all about convenience. Consumers can stick the tiles right on the bathroom mirror so that toothbrush, razor, tweezers and nail clippers are easy to grab. Bathroom tiles are another obvious substrate – and the makers assure clients that the easily cleanable adhesive tiles are just as easily transferred to a new location if they were to move house.


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